Nintendo has cleverly utilized the casino-style game play into a multitude of its games, with none more prominent as those in the Super Mario games. In fact, 80% feature a casino game of some kind. These original arcade insertions into the games such as slots were simply to enable the gamer to gain bonus point or lives by the easy method of chance rather than as a gambling game.

Going for Gold

Golden Nugget Casino DS was the first game of this theme to be released for the Nintendo DS. Finally, in a game solely focusing on gambling as the primary objective, the player starts with $2000 and can choose to play a large range of casino games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. Vegas Stakes, also known as Las Vegas Creams, allow the player to gamble with $1000. With this money, the player has to win $10 million at the various casinos in the game or risk losing it all. The ability to do multi- and single-player games introduces an additional level of entertainment and excitement, adding to the fun of interacting with other players and potentially losing money via these seemingly random interactions.

Winning Slots

Fantasy Slots; Adventure Slots and Games is another easy and simple slot machine release that combines the fun of playing slots with the thrill of chance but removing the fear of losing money.

A long history of using casino elements in a variety of games has meant that the transition to pure casino games was made smoothly and effortlessly. Nowadays is easiest to play at online casinos like LeoVegas. Read more about the casino and how Leo Vegas casino withdrawals work here. Whilst there is an aspect of gambling involved, some gamers may find the lack of winning tangible money disheartening and a loss in the thrill to the traditional gambler. However, for most players, the game creates a safe environment for those wishing to experience the thrill of gambling but without the loss.