Revamping this iconic game to an HD platform once again manages to improve upon a classic. Designed for the Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a remake of one of the best Zelda games ever made. The game has been modernized and updated, and in so doing, reclaims some of the magic that made the original so special in the first place. Nearly a decade later, it still maintains that sense of adventure and intense story narratives.

Twilight Zone

Whilst the look and the graphics have been vastly improved in comparison with the original, the actual gameplay is almost exactly the same. However, it is the new developments and added modes that improve the overall play of the game. Hero mode elevates the game to a higher difficulty, creating much more of a challenge for the avid gamer. And added to this, opportunities to recover heath during battles are severely less than in the original. A reduction in the amount of repeating challenges and sections of the original serve to streamline and progress the narrative faster, allowing for a more effective and exciting immersion onto the story. But happily the dungeons still remain. This clever set piece from the original is kept in all its glory and it remains a complex task to complete the game. And the necessity to use various methods and techniques to compete allows for variation and a constantly stimulating game.

Final Words

Nintendo succeeds again, this time with a complete balance between the old and the new. Twilight Princess HD expertly marries high definition with old-school puzzles, levels, and storytelling. This new version brings this time-tested game to fresh life via this sharper images, yet still retains the thrill and excitement that made the game such a hit in the very beginning.