If you’ve read the classic book 1984 by George Orwell and if you’re outraged by NSA spying on regular citizens, you will without a doubt love Watch Dogs 2! In this open map action/strategy game you get to return a favor to the all-seeing surveillance system by using it for your benefit as a superb hacker. You see, hacking not guns blazing Ramboism will be the new de facto form of modern warfare!

To Hack or Not to Hack?

Whereas the first Watch Dogs game took place in Chicago, the sequel honors the beautiful Bay Area of San Francisco. If you ever been to Bay Area, you’ll be impressed by the game’s locational details and even population density. In Watch Dogs 2, we will follow a new character, Marcus Holloway who is paradoxically a highly moral and just person, but also exhibit ruthlessness. Luckily, players can choose whether Marcus will use stealth & hacking tactics in take-downs or simply applies “say hello to my little friend” style. Furthermore, you can pit the police and gangs each other without firing a single shot yourself.

GTA in Disguise

I can’t help thinking about GTA when I play this game. Not that it would be a demeaning thought, but at the same time the concept is too identical. Yes, hacking stuff is fun for a while and roaming around in open-world Bay Area smashing smoggy Prius drivers’ faces certainly has an entertaining value. But the actual “in your face Big Brother” action is rather limited. To counter this, however, you have a lot of flexibility in approaching your missions. You won’t find singular paths to start or finish your mission.


Let’s admit it, nowadays gaming is a lot of fun via multiplayer mode. That applies to Watch Dogs 2 as well. In fact you can hack to another player’s “world” without them knowing it! The purpose is to hack other player’s data by staying close to him/her and not get spotted. You can play Watch Dogs 2 on all major consoles as well as on PC.

Overall Watch Dogs 2 is a refreshing change from FPS and MMORPG games.