Impressing new generation gamers with a racing genre has been a rather formidable task. Admittedly, delivering a visually stunning game with realistic gameplay and touch of personalized gaming is a feat in itself. However, 2017 Gran Turismo Sport might just do all of that.

New Generation of Gran Turismo

Players will find three different game modes: Arcade, Campaign, and Sports. Each category has unique features ranging from beautiful cars, races, and online races. In the Sport feature, you will find a whopping 137 cars, 19 race locations and 37 variances in track design. Game play is superbly realistic, mostly due to the AI. However, crashes still lack authenticity due to the fact that damages to the car are almost non-existent.


Without trying to sugarcoat you, the Gran Turismo franchise has never been known for its stunning visuals. Such lack has been compensated with incredibly realistic gameplay. Though you’ll see such details as wrinkling steering wheel leather when you turn your car in a cockpit view, you won’t be dazzled by the visual aspects. But you will be amazed by the control system if you choose wheel over controller. The feedback system and pressure response in tight turns are felt with rigorous emphasis.


And if you want to put your name out in the world of racing, you have to beat more than the AI system! That means taking your skills online where GT Sport has organized a comprehensive FIA race championship! Download the equivalent app to your smartphone to track your progress and examine who you’re competing against. Online features will most likely decide whether GT Sport will become a boom or a bust.

PlayStation VR?

Unfortunately, as of now, GT Sport will be launched only on PlayStation 4 and VR. It will be the latter which will excite us. Arguably Gran Turismo Sport will be the sexiest racing game PS4 players have seen in years. To be honest, PlayStation gamers have been treated nicely when it comes to racing games.

Yes, the bar for producing a quality racing game is rather high because gamers’ expectations are equally high. But in 2017, we see a strong contender om Gram Turismo Sport.