For us gamers it has never been a better time to be alive! Sure times were amazing when we got our first experiences with Super Mario Bros or played countless hours of Crash Bandicoot on the very first Playstation. But looking at today’s pace in gaming development, we can only gasp and be excited about the future. It is precisely this excitement that I strive to channel through my blog posts on game reviews, console as well as game trials and news to you.

Why This Blog?

You might ask why should you follow my blog when the blogosphere is full of other contenders? First and foremost, the ocean is big enough for all bloggers: blogging should not be a zero-sum game (pun definitely intended) because none of us have absolute knowledge or omnipotent views on gaming. That being said, following multiple blogs will give you a better understanding of topics at hand. Furthermore, and I say this with a grain of salt, relying on main stream game reviewers runs the risk of surrendering your critical mind to the masses. For example, have you began to notice that whenever these main stream critics judge a new game or movie, the general response is usually the exact opposite? This is why I want to create a blog where I don’t pretend to be a gaming besserwisser or some sort of Nietzschenian ubermensch!

Diverse and comprehensive content

Have you ever read game reviews where you can almost tell that the author of the review probably didn’t even play the game and just rephrased other reviews? Well, you won’t be seeing none of that here! A game should not be evaluated based on its pre-release hype levels or past fame in social media. There are various evaluation parameters to be used, but often times many gaming bloggers choose to cut corners and the reviews end up being rather incomprehensive. What most gaming bloggers haven’t fully understood is the necessary act of understanding the games’ relevance to larger culture. To be more specific, each game has a cult behind it. Whether small or large, us reviewers must evaluate a game from such perspectives.

Make Gaming Great Again!

As mentioned earlier, it has never been a better time to be alive for a gamer than today! Console wars are still raging, forcing console makers to constantly evolve. Soon we will also move towards virtual reality gaming with Occulus Rift and get to play against ever smarter AI. As a result, you need a blog which also focuses on industry news, be it new mergers, financial events or investment to R&D. You see, gaming is not only about switching console on, sipping on Monster and sitting on the sofa. Gaming is about understanding the industry as a whole. In this blog I will construct a larger and more complex idea of “gaming” with witty game reviews, unbiased console trials and avoid main stream “noise” which distorts the gaming industry.

In other words, this blogs strives to make gaming even greater!